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First-hand perspective and reflections on the repercussions of, and recovery from, mercury poisoning.


I'm a thirty-something attorney and engineer who has spent the past seven years battling fallout from mercury toxicity (although I certainly didn't know it at the time). I went the normal route of seeing doctors and more doctors, specialist after specialist -- to the tune of well over $100k on medical visits and tests. You name the test, I've had it. Plus two surgeries. I have had so many things going wrong at once that no one had a clue what was wrong with me, despite the fact I had previously been a healthy and normal twenty-something. And, although I got to see some of the best specialists in the world, they were -- of course -- focused on their speciality, and therefore not making links with my other issues. I tried a ton of "alternative" treatments, too, and chased down theory after theory, drug after drug, and treatment after treatment, some of which were helpful and most of which were not. Throughout it all, despite the despair and loss of confidence in my own body ("let's see, what system will break down today..."), I just *knew* there had to be a logical, master explanation for everything. And that I would not have to live with the pain and the problems, unlike what so many people are told today....

And, eventually, I discovered (through happenstance) the theory of mercury toxicity. But, it sounded too "fringe" initially, as I'm a very logical, scientific type. But a toxicity test (in this case, a "hair test") suddenly made things seem not so fringe at all. And, after having my amalgams removed and starting "chelation" (which means to pull toxic metals out of the body), I realized, within weeks, that this issue was at the heart of my problems. My case was further bolstered when I did a retrospective analysis of the chronology of my health problems, and realized that my various problems had really started within 4-6 weeks of three separate Hepatitis B vaccines (i.e., different problems had cropped up immediately following different Hep B vaccine shots, tracking exactly the one-year spacing between the shots). The timing was just too hard to ignore.

Then I started looking into the science, which I needed to understand to believe that this could be true. I was pretty shocked to learn that through a voluntary vaccine adverse event reporting system (VAERS), the government logged 24,775 adverse events to the Hep B vaccine in roughly the first eight years it was administered (1990-1998). I got my Hep B vaccines in 1998-1999, but didn't realize that my declining health was due in part to the vaccine, which probably explains why it is estimated that only 10% of adverse events are actually reported through VAERS. That means that the actual total of adverse events for the Hep B vaccine from 1990-1998 might be closer to 250,000! This fact, and the overwhelming amount of scientific papers on mercury toxicity, including mercury release from amalgams and methylmercury toxicity from fish, pretty much floored me and made me realize it is not a "fringe" problem at all. Also, the sheer toxicity from mercury, the second most toxic (non-radioactive) substance on Earth, started making me think that maybe there was a single unifying cause of all my problems after all....

(By the way, I don't think the Hep B vaccine by itself caused all of my problems, but I do think it was the proverbial "straw that broke the camel's back").

Of course, scientific plausibility is not the same as personal reality. The day after having my amalgams removed, I tried my first chelator (DMSA, a prescription chelating drug), and experienced a very dramatic event -- something like a "brain-lock" -- which scared me but told me that maybe there was something to this theory. But, out of an abundance of caution, I basically did nothing for the first 1.5 months after the amalgam removal. I felt both worse and better at the same time, which is supported by the research that shows blood and plasma levels of mercury rise after amalgam removal, particularly in the first month. So, about 1.5 months later, I started chelating with DMSA. I knew within a few days of starting DMSA cycles, and indeed within a few hours of taking this chelation drug, that I had the "monkey by the tail." There was a monkey on my back, and while I couldn't get it off yet, I at least now knew about the monkey (and, apparently, could it make it bite and scratch me...). Within a month or so, I was off of the heavy-duty painkillers I had been on for almost two years.

However, everything was not rosy or easy with chelation by any means. Part of the problem is the dearth of reliable, accurate information on the chelation experience. There are about 6 million theories on the best ways to chelate (ok, ok... maybe only 5.9 million), and, in my experience, 95% of it was not helpful to me -- and believe me, I've tried it all. In fact, while the DMSA did me a lot of good, it also caused me a lot of problems, and actually created new problems where none had existed previously. Indeed, within a few months of starting DMSA, my improvement had actually quickly plateaued and then I started getting worse. And yet, this drug is about what 90-95% of the alternative doctors recommend to remove mercury. I was once again starting to feel very discouraged and isolated. There just is SO LITTLE information on chelation, and SO MUCH misinformation. Most of it is speculative, tangential, or information from people who have not personally gone through mercury toxicity and recovery. I was dying for accurate first-hand information from a knowledgeable source.

But then, through another set of amazing coincidences, I found my way to another chelation drug... DMPS. And this drug has completely and fully turned my life around. It is a much more potent chelator of mercury than DMSA, and has additional benefits over DMSA. My health has improved dramatically since I started using it. In fact, I knew from almost the first week I started on it (having taken it both intravenously and orally) that this was the true "light at the end of the tunnel" -- the start of turning my life around. And yet, most all of the information on the Internet about DMPS is negative (e.g., I knew there was a serious disconnect here. There are scattered reports of people getting better on DMPS, but they are few and far between. After two other people I know started getting dramatically better themselves on DMPS, I realized that this may be the "silver bullet" of recovery from mercury toxicity, at least of the options we have today.

Thus, I wasn't fully shocked when Dr. Rashid Buttar started turning the autism world on its head with the introduction of TD-DMPS (transdermal DMPS, absorbed through the skin), as recently discussed in the Wall Street Journal ("A Radical Approach to Autism: Some Physicians, Families Tout Metal-Stripping Drugs, But Benefits Are Unproved," Wall Street Journal, Feb. 15, 2005). In fact, Dr. Buttar is one of the only doctors I am aware of who claims to be able to cure autistic children. Based on my own experiences, I am not surprised.

Well, it's been a year now since I started DMPS chelation therapy, and I am about 85% better. I am literally a walking medical miracle. Two years ago, I had to leave my job because I was too sick to continue working. Now, I am set to resume my career. So many things have improved for me, some of which were completely unexpected and seemingly unrelated to my health downturn, that I never could have predicted I would be where I am at today. Throughout it all, knowledge has been the most important part of my journey. And, for nearly two years, I have spent nearly every day learning as much as I could get my hands on regarding mercury toxicity and chelation. I have scientific information, personal experience, and personal theories and thoughts up to my ears to share. While I was sick, I would have *killed* to get first-hand experience and information from someone who has "walked the walk", and recovered from mercury toxicity with DMPS. Thus, I feel an obligation to help others now who are perhaps where I was 2-3 years ago, hearing about mercury toxicity for the first time and wondering "hmmm...."

I think a blog provides the perfect forum to share my information, theories, thoughts, and reflections on these issues, which are developing and evolving every day. I dedicate this blog to all of those people suffering from various degrees of mercury toxicity, whether aware of it, open-minded to the possibility, or completely oblivious. It doesn't matter -- you're all suffering, and it's unnecessary. But, thanks to the Internet, something is available that wasn't before -- grassroots information from someone like me, someone you might not have had occasion to hear from otherwise. Hopefully this information can help spawn some future success stories, which can spawn their own future success stories, and so on, like ripples in a pond. I am honored to be able to throw a pebble into that pond.